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Learning platform Improving student performance

  • Learning Centre

    Faculty Creates & Shares Learning Content to students.
    From tasks, pdfs, images, videos & Audios to Tests & Surveys.
    Define Lesson Flow, Subjects, Topics.
    Add a short Test or Quiz after a reading, viewing or listening content.
    Student work based on the defined learning path.
    Teachers gets instant engagement statistics & results on all the students.

  • Online Test

    Teachers create & Publish unlimited number of Tests to their students/Class
    Students take the Test & review their test results with answer keys.
    Teachers analyse the students' results using Reports and Graphs.

  • YouTube Learn

    Review & Share relevant Videos to students
    Student views the videos in a secure environment without going to YouTube directly
    Teachers gets better engagement once the students have viewed a video on the given topic.

  • Classroom Activities

    Teachers maintain their Subject Lesson content and plan.
    Teacher marks task completion for the class.
    Instant view to management on the day-to-day progress.