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Why edumerge?

  • Our Unique Value Proposition

    Role-based Secure Access
    Comprehensive features - Fully Integrated yet Modular
    User friendly Interface
    Personalization for each Institution

  • What sets us apart

    Low cost of ownership: No server, software or maintenance cost
    Prompt Service Guaranteed: Monthly subscription model
    Flexible Customization and Instant Upgrade: Plug-n-Play software framework
    9 x 6 online and phone support

  • Benefits to Parent

    More actively involved in their child’s education
    Instant access to their child’s daily activities
    Stay up-to-date, reduce end of session surprises
    Enhanced communication with teachers and Management

  • Benefits to Student

    Engage students on an online Learning Platform.
    Step-by-step Learning via hosting Multimedia Content
    Enrich using innovative tools like Online Tests & Videos
    Daily updates on Lesson Plans and Assignments
    Collaborate and Learn from peers & Alumni

  • Benefits to Teacher

    Enhance overall class performance via Learning Platform.
    Quick identification of student’s improvement area.
    Easy sharing and maintenance of classroom material.
    Remove overhead of Progress Report calculation.

  • Benefits to Administration

    Brand your Institution as an IT & Education leader.
    Quantitative improvement in the Institution’s performance.
    Instant access to Institution wide information & reports.
    Up to 40% cost savings in paper, phone and time.