What is edumerge?

edumerge Solution is providing our Partner Institutions a unified platform to bring all their stakeholders together : Students, Teachers, Parents, Management and assisting them in:

Instant Communication

  • Single window to send communication
  • Urgent messages by SMS, in detail by email
  • Instant update on Mobile App
  • Online updates with email alerts

Learning Platform

  • Improving student performance
  • Create & Share Learning Content to students.
  • From tasks, pdfs, images, videos & Audios to Tests & Surveys.
  • Students work based on the defined learning path.
  • Teacher gets instant engagement statistics & results.


  • Anywhere, anytime activity updates to parents
  • Attendance, performance Reports & Progression Graphs
  • Visibility to Trends, help teachers to take early corrective steps

Administrative Automation,

  • Saving on operational cost
  • Seamless flow of applicants from enquiry to admission
  • Instant view of the daily Fee collection report
  • Single click to send notifications to Due list

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